Top 5 Miller Moth Appliance Infestation Prevention Pro Tips

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Top 5 Miller Moth Appliance Infestation Prevention Pro Tips

Miller Moth Season Top 5 Infestation Prevention Pro Tips

Are pesky miller moths wreaking havoc on your tankless water heater? We’ve got you covered with our top 5 tips for preventing damage and ensuring a long-lasting, efficient tankless water heater. Read to the end for a bonus 6th Pro Tip.

  1. Keep it Clean: Say goodbye to debris! Keeping the area around your water heater spotless can keep those moths at bay.
  2. Seal the Deal: Seal off any sneaky gaps, cracks, or openings that moths might exploit as their secret entrance points!
  3. Mesh Magic: Screens and mesh are your new best friends! These fantastic protectors can allow airflow while keeping those moths far away from your precious equipment!
  4. Stay Vigilant: Spot the signs of a moth invasion! From cocoons to larvae and even performance changes in your water heater, visual inspections will keep you one step ahead of those little critters.
  5. Maintenance Matters: There’s power in routine maintenance! Annual inspections, thorough cleanings, and performance tests can save you from emergency repairs and potential damage.

🗓️ Don’t wait! Schedule a tankless service directly on our calendar or give us a call to ensure a moth-free future for your water heater! 720-934-8711 📞📅

  1. Don’t You… Forget About Me: Share the love of routine service with your furnace and other household appliances. Moths love to spend time with them too!

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