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Take Advantage of Our Local & Federal Rebates & Incentives

Rebates are available from your central Colorado natural gas or electric utility that will help offset your investment in high efficiency water heating equipment.

*Fed Tax Credits are through 12/31/21. 2022 EnergyStar Equipment Tax Credits for Primary Residences extension/renewal of these credits is still pending approved legislation by Congress.

Natural Gas Tankless, Tank, and Combi Water Heater Rebates

Organization System Type Fuel Min Eff. Amount Link for Details
Federal Tax CreditResidential Water HeaterNG, LP, Oil0.82 UEF$300EnergyStar Rebates
Xcel EnergyResidential TanklessNG.87 UEF$100Xcel Energy Rebates
Xcel EnergyResidential TankNG.64 Med Draw, ≥55 gal$50Xcel Energy Rebates
Xcel EnergyResidential TankNG.68 High Draw, ≥55 gal$50Xcel Energy Rebates
Colorado NGTanklessNG.88 UEF$300Colorado NG Rebates
Black Hills EnergyTanklessNG.87 UEF$400Black Hills Energy Rebates
Black Hills EnergyCombi BoilerNG95%$850Black Hills Energy Rebates
Black Hills EnergyTankNG.64 UEF$150Black Hills Energy Rebates

Tax Credits and Rebates for Heat Pump Water Heaters

Organization System Type Fuel Min Eff. Amount Link for Details
Denver Climate Action RebateSmart High-Efficiency Residential HPWHElecEnergyStar$3,200Denver Climate Action Rebate
Denver Climate Action RebateHigh-Efficiency Residential HPWHElecEnergyStar$1,400Denver Climate Action Rebate
Federal Tax CreditResidential HPWHElecEnergyStar$300EnergyStar Tax Credit
Xcel EnergyResidential HPWHElecEnergyStar$600-800Xcel Energy Rebates
Xcel EnergyResidential HPWHElecSmart Water Heater Enrollment$75+$25/yrXcel Energy Rebates
United PowerResidential HPWHElec30 Gal Min.$20United Power Energy Rebates

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