Expert Tankless Water Heater Routine Maintenance

Water Heaters, Like Cars, Need Routine Maintenance

The goal of routine tankless maintenance is to prevent scale from building up inside the heat exchanger, keep filters, igniters, fans and burners clean, and check gas pressure, proper venting and system performance. Over time, we’ve found that the average household benefits the most from annual service plans. With proper maintenance your tankless water heater will be more efficient, more reliable, and have a significantly longer service life.

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Your Manufacturer and Warranty Recommends Routine Maintenance

Control compartments, burners, and circulating air passageways of the appliance must be kept clean. Tankless manufacturers warranties require a licensed professional inspect your system annually. Running your system without maintenance will decrease efficiency and lifespan.

More Than Just a Flush

We offer professional and thorough annual maintenance service for all brands of residential and commercial tankless water heaters. Cleaning your tankless water heater is more complicated than just flushing the heat exchanger with vinegar.

Our technicians will inspect and clean the entire system, fuel, water heating, ignition, fan and burner assembly, condensate drain, error code history review, and check for proper venting and exhaust.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Procedure

  • Flush and descale of the heat exchanger
  • Clean fan and burner assembly
  • Clean the air inlet thermistor
  • Inspect and clean the igniter and flame sensor
  • Clean the entering water filter
  • Carefully inspect the vent for proper slope and check for any blockages
  • Check gas pressure
  • Test fire unit
  • Check flow rate
  • Check operating temperature
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About Hot Water How!

Since our founding in 2007, the technicians at Hot Water Now! have dedicated themselves to providing professional tankless water heater repair and service in the Denver Metro area. Many companies claim they service tankless water heaters, only a few are Rinnai Advanced Comfort Expert™ PROS, Navien Service Specialists, or Rheem PRO Partners. We have the years of experience and depth of understanding to perform expert maintenance on tankless water heaters. Your tankless system was designed to last 20+ years, our goal is to provide the maintenance to make that happen.

Hot Water Now! Is licensed and insured. Our Colorado plumbing license number is PC.0003145.

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What is the price for routine maintenance?

For most residential tankless water heaters in the Denver metro area, routine maintenance starts at only $225. The cleaning takes about an hour. Other charges may apply (with your advanced authorization) for a handful of older models which are more difficult to clean, or locations that are more difficult to access (crawl spaces or attics). It is standard practice to charge trip fees for locations greater than 20 miles or 30 minutes drive from our office. Your tankless manufacturer, and our years of experience strongly recommend routine maintenance. Professional service ensures your water heater will continue to provide you the luxury of endless hot water for decades.

  • Maintain system energy efficiency
  • Remove mineral and scale build up from inside the heat exchanger
  • Clear fan assembly of dirt and debris (pet hair, dust, moths and insects)
  • Inspect gas, plumbing and venting for performance and safety
  • Enjoy consistent hot water temperature and endless hot water supply
  • Prevent avoidable emergency service calls

Improperly maintained water heaters can fail many years ahead of schedule resulting in premature replacement potentially costing thousands of dollars. Improper maintenance (such as but not limited to scale build-up, freeze damage, or vent blockage) might void your warranty.

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