Eternal Water Heaters

Introduced to significant acclaim, Eternal Hybrid gas fired water heaters were introduced to the Denver market in 2006. They were a popular choice for Colorado home and business owners because they offered the efficiency of a condensing water system, and operated without the high flow rate restrictions typical of tankless water heaters.

Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters

In 2014 increasing problems with the Eternal heat exchanger and controls resulted in leaks and premature system failures. After a year of trying to correct the problems, Grand Hall, the parent company of Eternal Water Heaters, ceased operations in North America leaving their customers without warranty coverage, part replacements and technical resources.

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Eternal Water Heater Repair

In some cases, we have the parts to make successful repairs. This is generally when they have NOT developed a leak, are not working properly or are displaying an error code.

Error Code E02

Ignition failure, possibly originating from a dirty flame detector rod. The unit should be checked by a certified and trained technician.

Error Code E27

The mixing valve didn’t initialize correctly, causing the servo stepper motor to flood. The fix may be disassembling, cleaning and drying the components. If this does not work, the part will need to be replaced, which is difficult as the parts are now quite rare. The unit should be checked by a certified and trained technician.

Eternal tankless water heater replacement with Rinnai tankless unit.

Eternal Water Heater Replacement

Heat Exchanger Leak

If your Eternal Water Heater develops a heat exchanger leak, it will need to be replaced. Unfortunately without support from the manufacturer there is no warranty on your existing unit.

Eternal Water Heater Operation Manual

Eternal Installation & Operation Manual

Natural Gas (NG) - Factory Default
Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) - Optional Orifice
Model GU145 (S) / 508(11,12,21,22)1145 (S)
Model GU195 (S) / 508(11,12,21,22)1195 (S)
Model GU195 (M) / 508(11,12,21,22)1195 (M)

WPS, Water Pressure Switch, Failure

This known design flaw will corrode the plastic and switch over time leading to the entire unit flooding. A retrofit was provided, but many units were installed without the kit repair.

When should I repair or replace a tankless water heater?

We look at system age, repairs, parts availability, water quality, hot water demand and water heating technology innovation with you to determine if it’s time to make the move to a new tank or tankless system.

  • Scale build-up causing reduced efficiency and capacity
  • Clogged or restricted inlet filters
  • Intermittent flame failures cause by gas pressure problems
  • Improper condensation or condensation leakage
  • Changes in wait times for hot water
  • Variable outlet water temperatures
  • System requires constant resetting
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Eternal tankless water heater bank
Eternal tankless water heater

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